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About Mountain West Ear, Nose & Throat

At Mountain West Ear, Nose & Throat, we are dedicated to your ENT heath. Our medical practice is led by Dr. Kevin M. Hanks, a board-certified ENT specialist in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

What is an ENT Specialist?
An ENT (ear, nose, and throat) Specialist focuses on ailments that affect this distinct part of the body. Also known as an otolaryngologist, an ENT doctor has a detailed knowledge of this area of human anatomy. Patients who are suffering from conditions that affect this area may be referred to an ENT Specialist by their general family practitioner.

Patients having persistent issues in this area may also elect to schedule an appointment with this specialist themselves. In addition to being able to treat complex ear nose throat issues, an ENT is also well equipped to provide custom solutions for allergies and other persistent irritations affecting this area.

Dr. Kevin M. Hanks

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